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Fly Me To The Moon


Note from

the Editor

Hot Dish!

I know I’m in good company when I say that autumn is my favorite season! What’s not to love? Cooler temps, fall colors, and…yes…pumpkins.

Autumn is also a season of many failed crafty and domestic projects for me. I always purchase a bag of those decorative fall gourds, but end up just throwing them in a bowl on the dining table—a far cry from the Pinterest-worthy cornucopias and wreaths I see them used in online. I mean, there are people using them to create birdhouses.

When my son was two, my husband and I decided to try our hand at carving pumpkins for the first time. Our family “carved” pumpkins using a Sharpie growing up, and I now think my mom was really onto something. The hubs and I did a pretty decent job—as you can see in the photo below—but after a few days, the faces started to droop, and within a week, these Jack-o-Lanterns were a pile of orange mush on our porch. We obviously missed a step somewhere.

Note from the Editor

The next year, I opted to make a dozen Jack-o-Lantern-themed cupcakes instead. The results were less than spectacular, as you can see. I’m no pro with the icing tool. Luckily, they were still tasty enough to eat. And, really, my then three-year-old son wasn’t too discerning about his
cupcakes anyway.

But this is the year I redeem myself. My son wants to be a ghost for Halloween, so I’m going to use my newly acquired sewing skills to make the BEST ghost costume possible. Sure, I could cut up an old bed sheet and call it a day (and that would probably be the smart thing to do), but I’m going all out. We’ve purchased white fabric (and a fat quarter of black), he’s picked out his favorite “ghost look,” and the measuring and sewing commences tonight. Fingers crossed!

If you’re looking for a virtually no-fail autumn project, we’ve included a Chenille Pumpkin tutorial from our own Judy Murrah in this edition of Friends@Festival.

You’ll also find an article on sewing with silk, an interview with Susanne Miller Jones—who spearheaded and curated an exhibit inspired by the upcoming 50th anniversary of the first moonwalk—and handmade candy recipes, the latter of which I will also be attempting to make this fall.

Here’s hoping I don’t pop up on one of those “Pinterest Fail” websites.

Happy making…and reading!

Rhianna Griffin

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