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Note from the Editor

If you’ve attended our Houston show in the last two years, you’re well aware that the George R. Brown Convention Center has been undergoing a pretty major facelift and improvement project. And while this spelled some definite inconveniences—for us, as organizers, and you, as attendees—we think you’ll feel it was all worthwhile once you see the completed changes at this year’s Quilt Festival in Houston.

I had the chance to see them for myself during a visit to the GRB
back in August, and I feel pretty confident in saying that they were worth the wait…and the occasional jackhammer clamor. Not only
is the navigation of the building much improved with the addition
of an indoor concourse running the length of the front, but the number of new restaurants added inside the GRB itself are going
to provide many more—and varied—options for eating lunch or dinner during the show.

And the coolest part, in my opinion, is the new outdoor plaza just
in front of the convention center, which inhabits what was previously a portion of Avenida de las Americas (the road in front of the GRB), and acts as a bridge between the center and Discovery Green park. The plaza includes lots of outdoor seating, and also hosts events
and concerts.

Of course, if you watched news coverage of the recent flooding in Houston (the result of the despicable Hurricane Harvey), you know that the GRB was also used as a shelter for evacuees from the area. And as I watched, absolutely heartbroken for the people there, I was also struck by something else: The GRB may only be a building, but
it’s a building that has witnessed practically every type of emotion
in its 30 years.

Just think about it. In addition to events like ours, the GRB is also host to conferences, trade shows, community events, fundraisers, concerts and performances, competitions, graduations…and yes, has provided shelter to thousands during times of tragedy. From moments of devastation to moments of pure joy…it’s seen all of it.

And next month, tens of thousands of quilters from all over the world will travel there—as they have since our first show at the GRB in 1987—to experience the excitement, inspiration, and camaraderie of Quilt Festival. They’ll leave with plenty of new ideas, new stories, and probably even more new fabric. And what a thrill that we (the Quilt Festival staff) get to be a part of that.

If you’re planning to attend this year’s show, I hope you will join me in taking the time to pause and appreciate all that has happened there in the year since our last show. And to celebrate a moment of gratitude for the joyous reasons we are there.

I’ll see you in Houston!

Rhianna Griffin

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