Much the way many (and I mean many) quilters inherited their knowledge and love of quilting from their mothers and grandmothers, I inherited a love of all things written. For as far back as I can remember, books were a regular fixture at my parents’ and grandparents’ homes, and I was always encouraged to read.

I wasn’t especially picky about the subject matter, either. Sure, I loved my Golden Books (The Saggy Baggy Elephant was a personal favorite) and nearly complete collection of Dr. Seuss, but I could very often be found reading from an old Better Homes and Gardens book on houseplants that my grandmother kept on her bookshelf (where the book still sits today, my favorite pages sectioned off with plastic Cracker Jack bookmarks).

The point wasn’t what I was reading, but that I was reading. And learning. And eventually, that love of reading grew into a love of writing, which grew into what would become a career for me. I love that. But after six years here writing about quilts and quilters, I find that I love reading about them just as much. And learning.

I know plenty a quilter with a collection of quilting books and magazines so large, it requires its own numbering system (remember Dewey Decimal?). But just as many quilters today are turning to the internet and—in particular—blogs for new ideas and patterns, and to make personal connections with other quilters. In this issue, we’ve spotlighted some of our very favorite blogs, and plan to profile even more in future editions.

Still, there’s something slightly magical about the feel of an actual book, and it seems that quilters (who tend to be pretty tactile people) haven’t lost a fondness for flipping through printed pages. I love that the option for both exists—the immediacy and informal nature of the internet, and the more tangible quality of printed books and magazines. Because reading is reading. And learning.

In this edition of Friends@Festival, we’ve also included a piece on quilt-themed children’s books that I would encourage you to read. Maybe you’ll see one (or a few) you’d like to get your own child or grandchild, and help instill in them a love of quilting…and reading!

Rhianna Griffin

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