Freeloading Compliments of Fabric Blooms by 
Megan Hunt and Lark, an imprint of 
Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.


Sometimes, the simplest projects are the most fun! Such is the case for
the adorable Felt Pom Flower from the new book Fabric Blooms by Megan Hunt, which—despite being quick and easy to make—produce lovely little felt flowers that can be used as decorations and embellishments, made
into a pin or other accessory, or combined to create too-cute (and “evergreen”) bouquets.

They would also make the perfect addition to our Community Garden
at the debut of our new Quilt! Knit! Stitch! show in Portland, Oregon
(August 14-16). Find details here.

Download your free Felt Pom Flower tutorial now!

Photography by Lark Crafts.

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