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Note from the Editor

There is a lot of good in this issue of Friends@Festival. Good memories from Quilt Festival teachers. Good deeds being done by quilters across the country. Good ice cream recipes—and really, when is ice cream not good?

And then there’s our article on the Tribute to Civil Rights Movement Heroines exhibit from artist Patricia A. Montgomery. Patricia had a good idea in her conception for the project, but the resulting works are great. They’re enlightening and inspiring. And believe me when I tell you that a conversation with Patricia is, in itself, energizing.

I had the pleasure of an early phone interview with her several Fridays ago. Friday tends not to be my most energetic day of week, but I hung up the phone feeling ready to tackle whatever the day might bring. And, more importantly, I walked away from our conversation having learned a great deal—and wanting to know more—about the women Patricia celebrates through her exhibit.

The exhibit is a tribute to many women whose contributions to
the U.S. Civil Rights Movement, while integral, have gone far less recognized than those of the figures we’ve historically associated
with the Movement. Patricia’s exhibit isn’t about pointing out that discrepancy, but rather, shining a light on these women and celebrating their individual stories.

Celebrate is the key word there. There is a liveliness and admiration in the way she discusses each of the women, and a perceptible joy when she tells their stories. These are women to be celebrated, and her exhibit does just that.

I hope that every person in attendance at this year’s Houston Quilt Festival will seek out the exhibit. And I hope that they will leave feeling inspired to learn more.

And on the subject of inspiration, be sure to check out the “Quilts
for Good” section of this issue, where we’re highlighting recent
stories about quilters who are using their craft to give back to the community. It’s a feature we’d love to include in each issue going forward, because—as we all know—there is no shortage of good
being done through quilting.

If you know of a person or group who you think would be a good
fit for future editions of “Quilts for Good,” email me at rhiannag@quilts.com and tell me their story!

Happy reading!

Rhianna Griffin

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